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Cedar River Beef

                                    USDA GradeHigh Choice                   Prime
Filets                6 and 8oz            $29.99                            $39.99
KC Strips         14 to 16oz          $19.99                             $29.99
Ribeye             14 to 16 oz         $19.99                             $29.99
*priced by the pound 

Kobe Style Beef

1/2 Pound Burgers                   $7.99 Per Pound       
Briskett                                          $7.99 Per Pound

Gerber Chicken 

Whole Chicken                            $3.59 Per Pound
Skinless Boneless Breasts       $8.99 Per Pound

Berkshire Pork 

Baby Back Ribs                 $8.99 Per Pound
St. Louis Style Ribs         $5.99 Per Pound
Whole Tenderloin           $ 14.99 Per Pound
Bone-In Chops                 $5.99  Per Pound
Bone-In Shoulder           $3.99  Per Pound

*Limited local delivery 
* UPS Shipping
*Sales tax where applicable  
*Cash - Check - Credit/Debit Card Accepted
*All products will be priced by the pound at time of purchase.  

Contact us at missionmeatmarket@yahoo.com
or 913-633-5449